WAR IS OVER: Kim Kardashian + Amber Rose Take BFF-Worthy Selfie Together

"Tea anyone?"

By Christopher Rosa and Jordan Runtagh

Kim Kardashian broke the Internet for real, and this time, it has nothing to do with her butt.

The selfie scholar and music innovator shared her most controversial photo on Instagram earlier this morning: a selfie with the muva herself, Amber Rose. Yes, you read that correctly. No, this isn't a prank.

Rose shared the same photo, with a slightly less shriek-worthy caption.

It appears the feud that has sourced 90 percent of the gossip industry's traffic is finally kaput. Clad in a tight black get-up and braids, Kardashian pursed her lips for a pic with a duck-faced Rose to the delight of Internet trolls around the world. The picture comes at an interesting time. Kardashian's husband and Rose's ex-boo Kanye West just had a catfight with Rose's baby-daddy Wiz Khalifa on Twitter. (Which Rose stuck her nose--or, erm, finger--in iconically.) Plus, Rose's BFF and Kardashian's former friend Blac Chyna is currently getting jiggy with Rob Kardashian, which reportedly has the E! family in a tizzy.

Could Rose and Kardashian be uniting to help combat what they see as bigger battles? Are they trying to get a rise out of West, Khalifa and/or Chyna? Who knows, but whatever the case, we're so glad this happened. This 98 percent confirms a joint selfie book is on the way now.

Get the VH1 recap of Khalifa and West's big Twitter battle in the video below.

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