Steve Harvey Said His Interview with Sister Patterson Was The Worst Segment He's Ever Had on His Show

"This is the worst segment I've ever had on my show."

In case you missed it last week, Tiffany Pollard and Sister Patterson were guests on Steve Harvey's talk show where Tiffany opened up about the miscarriage she suffered after Family Therapy stopped taping, but it was Sister Patterson and Steve's toe-to-toe that had us in disbelief.

In the full interview, Sister Patterson calls herself "perfect" because she says, "the bible says to mark the perfect man or woman." Steve questions this and Sister insists she is perfect, "If I'm seen as perfect through the blood of Jesus" but then the gloves come off between the two.

Steve shuts the reality mother down, saying, "No, that ain't what that means," he continues, "What does this one mean here, 'There's none perfect, no, not one'"? Steve continues to tell Sister Patterson she can't say that she's perfect but she's passionate. "In the eyesight of God, yes, I am perfect. I am born again, saved, sanctified filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost."

The drama between the two continues when Sister Patterson insists that she knew Tiffany wasn't pregnant because she did a "spiritual assessment" of her daughter. Steve dismisses this as "full-blown crazy" and says the entire interview "is the worst segment [he's] ever had on [his] show." The most terrifying part though might be how Sister Patterson laughs and smiles at Steve as he tells her she needs to be committed to a padded room with no running water.

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