The Cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reacts to This Week's Mother-Daughter Showdown Featuring Pooh and Karlie Redd

Probably not what Rasheeda had in mind when she put together this brunch...

When Rasheeda decided to get the women of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta together with their mothers and daughters, we're sure she didn't expect it to turn into a mother-daughter brawl. But alas, you can't expect Pooh and Karlie Redd to get into the same room these days without airing out each other's dirty laundry (literally or metaphorically).

In the middle of her speech, Karlie Redd tells the room that she got a lie detector test to prove that Pooh has been lying about their sexual history. Pooh's lies, she insists, are the reason her daughter had to quit school because she was being teased about the rumors. She is visibly upset.

karlie crying

Which sets her daughter off.

little red

Soon it's daughter against daughter as Pooh's daughter lets this iconic insult fly.


Karlie is just concerned with everyone knowing the truth.

all a lie

I guess this was one way to bond with each other?


Rasheeda did want a family affair. This just probably wasn't exactly what she was expecting...

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