Rich Dollaz Refuses to Have MariahLynn's Back After She Reveals Dirt About Their 8-Year-Long Relationship

"That's crazy how you left me on that stage like that 'cause you know how much I care about you."

Mariahlynn is telling all of her business with Rich Dollaz, chile, and barely anyone can handle it.

Too many bombshells are dropping during part one of the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion; jaws had to be picked up everywhere. It's his life and even Rich was like:


When asked by Nina Parker to clear up rumors about their relationship, the rest of the cast is shocked to hear that not only is Mariahlynn and Rich in love, but he also had a vasectomy done after receiving his diabetes diagnosis- a procedure she says he plans to reverse so they can start a family. This is a lot, I know, and so does Rich who feels it is way too much info to be giving up on stage like that. That's private information.

Feeling disrespected, Rich walks off stage but Mariahlynn still has things to say. She can never feel embarrassed about the situation because when she's with Rich, she feels like she can be herself. And at the end of the day, they will still love each other. Nya Lee isn't trying to hear it and Mariah walks off to find Rich for some support.

Backstage, Mariahlynn goes in on Rich, yelling at him for not backing her up in front of her nemesis, Nya Lee. As Mariahlynn repeatedly begs the man to be there for her, Rich stands there speechless. Disappointed that he's unable to step up to have her back, Mariahlynn breaks down backstage.

Now if you recall, Mariahlynn and Rich have been through some things. When we first met Mariahlynn, it seemed like she wasn't really feeling the kid when he came to her birthday party. Even Cardi B was wondering why Mariah let Rich touch her like that in this throwback Check Yourself clip.

But she still invited him to carpe diem. He revealed to DJ Self in this clip below, that he knew and has been messing with Mariah for a while, which is why he didn't want to work with her. They remained cool, he says, but Self saw something more between the two of them.

They kicked it for a while and their affair came to an end. That didn't stop Rich from feeling a way to learn that his old boo Mariah was now dating his fellow Creep Squad member, Cisco. So he ambushed her and again, the confrontation is filled with TMI.

It's been a lot. If the love is real, hopefully Mariah will learn that soon because as Rich has been saying for seasons, neither one of them are getting any younger.

Love, it's a tricky thing ain't it? Don't miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion, next Monday at 8/7c!