The First 30 Videos That Played On MTV

The 2013 Video Music Awards are set to air this Sunday, August 25, at 9PM/8C. In chorus with this program, you'll no doubt be hearing a smattering of chatter on social media about how MTV doesn't play music videos anymore, which isn't actually true but does lend itself to lots of reminiscing about "the good ole days." Speaking of which, do YOU know what videos aired during MTV's very first day of programming way back on August 1, 1981? Of course, every trivia nut worth their salt knows that "Video Killed The Radio Star" was the first video ever played on the then-fledgling network, but we're guessing you probably don't know what came after that (or after that, and so on and so on).


1) Buggles - "Video Killed the Radio Star"

US CHART PEAK: #40 (12/15/79)

[mtvn_player vid="8042"]

2) Pat Benatar - "You Better Run"

[mtvn_player vid="98968" autoplay="true"]

3) Rod Stewart - "She Won't Dance With Me"

4) The Who - "You Better You Bet"

US CHART PEAK: #18 (4/4/81)

5) PH.D - "Little Susie's On the Top"

6) Cliff Richards - "We Don't Talk Anymore"

US CHART PEAK: #7 (11/17/79)

8) Todd Rundgren - "Time Heals"

9) REO Speedwagon - "Take It On The Run"

US CHART PEAK: #5 (3/28/81)

10) Styx - "Rockin' the Paradise"

[mtvn_player vid="98184" autoplay="true"]

11) Robin Lane and the Chartbusters - "When Things Go Wrong"

12) Split Enz - "History Never Repeats"

[mtvn_player vid="145496" autoplay="true"]

13) .38 Special - "Hold On Loosely"

US CHART PEAK: #27 (4/18/81)

14) April Wine - "Just Between You And Me"

15) Rod Stewart - "Sailing"

16) Iron Maiden - "Iron Maiden"

[mtvn_player vid="295538" autoplay="true"]

17) REO Speedwagon - "Keep On Loving You"

US CHART PEAK: #1 (12/27/80)

18) Michael Johnson - "Bluer Than Blue"

19) The Pretenders - "Message Of Love"

20) Lee Ritenour - "Mr. Briefcase"

21) The Cars - "Double Life"

[mtvn_player vid="295435" autoplay="true"]

22) Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight"

23) Robert Palmer - "Looking For Clues"

24) Shoes - "Too Late"

25) Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

US CHART PEAK: #3 (8/1/81)

[mtvn_player vid="204109" autoplay="true"]

26) Rod Stewart - "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"

US CHART PEAK: #1 (12/23/78)

27) Rupert Hine - "Surface Tension"

28) Split Enz - "One Step Ahead"

29) Gerry Rafferty - "Baker Street"

US CHART PEAK: #2 (5/13/78)

30) Pat Benatar - "I'm Gonna Follow You"