Christina Aguilera Lip-Kissed the Most Random Person on 'The Voice' Last Night, and Pharrell Went Nuts

Wanna get "dirrrrty"?!

Christina Aguilera is the queen of The Voice. And, as queen, she gets just about anything she wants. During last night's episode, Aguilera wanted to lip-smooch a female contestant--and that's exactly what she got, gosh darn it!

Here's what went down: After blowing the judges away with her pipes, competitor Kata Hay confessed that the "Dirrty" singer was her first girl crush. "You're so freaking beautiful in person!" Hay told Aguilera.

And Aguilera was more than flattered. "Should we just make out now because I was your first girl crush?" Aguilera asked Hay...dead-seriously. "Let's get it over with so we can get to work!"

Then, it happened--kind of. Hay ran over and planted a kiss on Aguilera's signature red lips. (She later picked Aguilera as her coach, too!) The other judges were stunned, especially Pharrell, who starting hitting himself in the face and saying, "Wake up! Wake up!"

It's not a dream, sir. It happened. And we're better people for it. Watch it all go down in the video below.