Last Lap: Is Jarvis' Elevator Big Enough For A Sword Fight?

A famous blogger throws a birthday party themed around a pop legend, Naomi Campbell subtly gives her take on Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover, and Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises an iconic role.

  • The next installment of Jarvis In The Elevator sees our host take on Lord Of The Rings' Dominic Monaghan in an old-fashioned sword fight! Who do you think will win? Tune in tomorrow at noon to watch Jarvis' new interview and find out who reigns supreme.
  • A celebrity writer celebrated a birthday and his love for Madonna on the same night — who was it? The Gossip Table panelists give us the answer.
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    • During a TV interview, Naomi Campbell was asked about the latest Vogue cover, which features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Though the model declined to voice her opinion in so many words, her tacit shade-throwing came in the form of what seemed to be mocking laughter. [PopSugar]

  • Can you believe Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be starring in a new Terminator movie? Neither can we, but we can't wait to see it. Find out what Arnold's saying about coming back to the role that made him famous. [MTV News]