Martha Literally Asks Post Malone Why He's At Her Party if He Only Has One Song in This 'Martha & Snoop' Highlight

Martha is a savage, y'all.

While playing a game called "Fishy Facts" (which is really two truths and a lie ~*fish edition*~) on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Post Malone tells a truth that has Martha perplexed. He tells the table, "I wrote my only good song "White Iverson" two days before it was recorded."

Martha says, "What do you mean 'your only good song?!'"

And when Snoop tries to tell her that Post Malone has more than one song, and that he just thinks "White Iverson" is the best one, she will have none of it:

Don't worry, Post has a good attitude about it:

The lesson? Never play 'Fishy Facts' with Martha Stewart, she'll forget the rules and assume that you should probably be kicked out of the party.

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