Oops, Peter Facinelli Didn't Think 'Twilight' Would Be a Hit At All

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Twilight may have had girls screaming in droves, but Peter Facinelli thought no one would see it.

Facinelli, who stars in American Odyssey premiering Sunday at 10/9 C, joined Nick Lachey this morning on Big Morning Buzz Live and they talked about his most memorable roles to date. Twilight may be his biggest hit, but he never could have predicted it while soaking wet and miserable on the first day of filming. "It was raining and cold and everyone's makeup was just running and our hair was all matted wet," he said. "And I looked around and I was like, 'No one's gonna see this movie. This is just a disaster.'"

He also talked about his one-eyed "Popeye" time on the set of Can't Hardly Waithis daughter scratched his cornea and they could only show half his face! "They're like koalas," Facinelli said of babies with their intense, dangerous baby nails.