Exclusive: Karlie Redd Talks Butt Surgery And What's Really Going On With Jeremih

Karlie revealed to Erica on the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she and Joc were the perfect messy match, and ideally she would love to be his wife. That was until caught by Joc "redd-handed" in the arms of singer Jeremih during a studio session.

Karlie chats with us about her relationship with Jeremih, finally clears up whether or not her butt is real, and explains when it comes to messy - ther are levels to this ish.

VH1: Much of the cast has been calling you messy for a while, and at this point you've even called yourself messy. What exactly is your definition of messy?

Karlie Redd: I'm not trying to say I'm a wild girl or anything like that. I'm very straight forward, my communication is very straight up, and people can take that as messy. I'll give you an example. When I told Mimi that Stevie was seeing Joseline, they called that messy. That wasn't messy, that's me being real, it's how I communicate.

However, messy could also mean the studio session you had with Jeremih right after you just told Erica you want to be someone's wife. You knew Joc was coming...

C'mon After all the shit Joc put me through, he was acting like he didn't care. Part of that was wanting to make Joc jealous, and a little part of that was like wanting him to see I'm being checked for, too. Not only am I being checked for, I being checked for by someone who's really in the industry named Jeremih. And, Jeremih is just so damn sexy. Girlll, he's just so sexy. Oh my God he's so very sexy.

Did you and Jeremih date in the past? Friends with benefits maybe?

Jeremih and I have been friends for a very long time. I trust his input on my music. I can go to either Chicago or LA where he lives, and Jeremih will come to my bookings and support me. And you know...[Laughs] he's just too damn sexy. Can't forget that. Like if Joc was in the studio with Halle Berry you don't think he would have felt the same way [as I did]?

A few seasons ago K.Michelle started rumors that your rear end was fake, and Ms. Karlie it is looking a little more plump than it has in past seasons. Did you get a butt augmentation?

To be honest with you, I haven't. Um, I wear these things, I call them booty pops. It's kind of like a girdle, kind like a panty. It makes the stomach go in, and the booty pop up.

So absolutely no surgery?

Have I gone to the same doctor K. Michelle went to, Dr. Jemerson, and asked how much, how long, and what would it take for me to get a butt like hers? Yes, I have done that. He said I needed to gain weight. He said the only way I could do it is if I gained some weight, and Karlie Redd can't afford to gain no damn weight.

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