First Dibs: Why Did Nicole Kidman Wipe Out?

Is Jake Gyllenhaal upset if you think he's gay? Why does Emma Thompson find young actors snobby? Which is the better franchise: Star Trek or Star Wars?

  • Nicole Kidman was hit by an amateur paparazzi on a bicycle this week. She's alright, but she was "shaken." [People]

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is appearing on next week's Inside the Actors Studio. He's set to reveal that he thinks it's a "huge compliment" if you think he's gay and that he and Heath Ledger became friends when they auditioned for Ewan McGregor's role in Moulin Rouge. [Eonline]

  • Emma Thompson thinks younger actors can be "a bit snobby about doing press." She thinks they should liken promoting a Hollywood feature to banging the drum for their first stage shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. [Telegraph]

  • Simon Pegg says that being in Star Trek was "mind blowing," but would it be better than being in Star Wars? The cast of Star Trek weighs in on the age old Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. [MTV News]
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