Wrong David: Tiffany "New York" Pollard Breaks Down On 'Celebrity Big Brother' Thinking David Gest -- Not Bowie -- Has Died

"You told her David was dead with cancer. But he's in there asleep."

Angie Bowie, ex-wife of David Bowie, may have been one of the last people to hear the news of his passing due to the fact that she's currently filming Celebrity Big Brother UK in England with no access to outside media. When Angie, who was married to Bowie for 10 years --- but estranged from him for the past four decades --- was ultimately told the news, she responded saying "I can't make a big drama out of it. I just feel like an era has ended with his passing. I'm so very sad."

It was only when Angie told one of her housemates, I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard, of his passing that things got messy, but not because Tiffany was mourning the loss of Ziggy Stardust, rather because she mistakenly thought Angie was referring to their Big Brother housemate David Gest. (In case you forgot, Gest is the man most famous for his brief marriage to Liza Minelli.) The entire situation is too bonkers to believe (and despite the fact that all the housemates are angered by Tiffany's dramatic turn, we have to say we understand why she would be upset --- no outside information or news is usually allowed in the house so it's pretty obvious why her mind went right to Gest.) And since every last thing is filmed in the Big Brother house, you can watch the entire mess for yourselves.