Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa Are Knee-Deep in a Twitter Feud Right Now

What. Is. Going. On?

Self-proclaimed King of the Universe Kanye West is running rampant on Twitter right now. And it's all because of Wiz Khalifa.

The haute couture trailblazer and musician is all fired up because Khalifa took offense to West changing his album title from SWISH to WAVES. Khalifa seems to think West is directly ripping off Harlem rapper Max B, who coined the terms "waves" and "wavy." The Shade Room captured the OG tweets that set West off; read them below in all their shady glory.

Wiz then decided to throw Kim Kardashian's initials (???) in some of his tweets in addition to calling out 'Ye directly for what he perceives as f--ckery. Please see scientific proof below.

Well, of course West caught wind of Khalifa's haterade, and he unleashed a series of 140-character digs that seem to be in a language only he and the Kardashians understand.

It started out with this humble, "I can't believe people are talking about little old me" tweet.

Then he dropped in the mention, so we knew damn well he was talking about Sir Khalifa.

Then, he went to the library and read. For hours.

But not before giving #Kimojis some much-needed promo.

And alluded that Khalifa made him get up from his easel and watercolors or some s--t.

He then felt the need to return to the library and keep reading. Notice his own song reference?

He then reminded Khalifa--and the world--he is the reason why water comes out of our sinks.

But he got serious for a little bit, and we actually give him props for this.

And then he got crazy again, as per usual...

The ending of 'Ye's epic monologue is literally him AF: an insult, a pat on the back and #promo. Get that promo, Yeezus.

Are you tired? Did that make sense to you? Who even won this? We're not sure, but we do advise you to keep an eye on this Twitter feud. This is probably not the end of it since we're sure Amber Rose will have to say her piece real soon.

Update: She did.


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