Ahm Beat 'The Breaks' Off of Gordy After DeeVee Tried and Failed to Defend Damita

The gangsta comes out of the gentleman.

Ahm may be far from innocent, but one thing is for sure, he is very loyal to his friends. After saving his late friend's baby last week, the gangsta comes out of the gentleman when Ahm attacks Gordy for beating up DeeVee. Following his meet-up with a bruised faced Damita, DeeVee finds out that the young journalist is black and blue from the hands of Barry Fouray's former best friend. Apparently, Gordy didn't like the Village Voice piece Damita wrote as well. During an act of heroism, DeeVee approaches Gordy at his family's restaurant, leading to a scuffle between the two men, with DeeVee taking the brunt of the injuries. After Ahm witnesses the attack, he goes back to Gordy's shop with a gun, and well, let's just say the beef ends bloody.

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