Find Out Why Geddy Lee of Rush Thinks Rock Stars Are Superheroes In 'Rock Icons' Sneak Peek

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This Saturday, February 21st, tune into VH1 Classic at 10/9C to see the debut episode of Rock Icons, the new documentary television series which goes into the limelight and behind the camera eye with classic rock's most legendary musicians. If you think we went a little heavy with the Rush references there, that's because episode one is about the band's lead singer and bass virtuoso, Geddy Lee. Watch a sneak peek from the series premiere above and find out why he thinks rock stars are like real-life superheroes and how the band arrived at it's unique sound below. 

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Rock Icons is the latest production from Banger Films, the Canadian film company behind such documentaries as 2010's Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and the VH1 Classic television series Metal Evolution. Read an exclusive interview with director Sam Dunn here and tune in Saturday for the debut episode, which immediately follows That Metal Show's season 14 premiere, which also features Geddy Lee as its lead off guest.

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