The Cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reacts to Stevie J Marrying Faith Evans

Stevie J kept the "Faith" for almost 19 years.

When this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premieres on Monday, March 25th at 9/8c, there's a new married couple ready to take over the ATL: Stevie J and Faith Evans.

The pair got hitched in Las Vegas last July, surprising pretty much everyone with their decision to make it officially official after being on and off with each other. The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was shook when they got the news that the pair settled down.


But at the end of the day, they're all mostly happy for the couple.


Even his ex Mimi is just happy to see him happy. She says, "Faith is good for him because when he's in a good place, everybody's in a good place." Stevie agrees, describing his new bride as "somebody who loves [him] and nurtures [him], and always wants to see [him] do well." He says that, with her, he feels "like a strong black man."

Watch the clip below to see the rest of the cast's reactions and to get an inside peak at Stevie and Faith's relationship.

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