These Heartbreaking Game Show Losses Will Definitely Crush Your Soul

Their heartbreak, our victory.

New Year: New You, right? You're going to own 2016, but you need a little inspiration first. A gym membership? Pssh. That's kid stuff. A new wardrobe? Who has the money for that? No. You need something unexpected to kickstart your 2016 slay. We're talking, of course, about watching people royally lose game shows.

I know what you're thinking: That's depressing. Yes, it is. These people screwed up--I mean really screwed up. But viewing their f-ck-ups will set the bar really low for your 2016. That way, no matter what you do, you'll succeed this year. When it comes down to it, you'll never fail this hard--and that's a hella comforting feeling. Let these six humans' heartbreaks turn into your future victory. Watch away, bbs!

Family Feud

This is a situation where you literally want to kill the second player. Tim did his job: He racked up 182 points during his "Fast Money" round. But then...Anna. Anna had one job: earn 18 points. Eighteen. And guess how many she actually got? Zilch. You can feel the tension in the room rise after Anna's round, and it's not pretty. Watch the awkwardness above.


Exhibit A as to why Jeopardy! is the worst. Thomas got the question right, but because of a gosh darn spelling technicality, he lost the game. C'mon! He's in eighth grade and simply added an extra "p" to the word "emancipation." Let the kid live. Clearly, Alex Trebek runs a tight ship.

The Price Is Right

How can you possibly come up goose eggs during two rounds of "Switcheroo?" Ask this contestant, who had probably the worst luck in the world playing the game. Which sucks, given that car looked bomb as f-ck.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Looks like a Harvard law education couldn't help this smug 24-year-old guy from winning $1 million. He bet it all guessing a know-it-or-you-don't trivia question instead of walking away with his already-hefty sum of money. Well, he lost...and looked like a total idiot. We wonder if Harvard revoked this dude's degree.

Wheel of Fortune

Getting an answer incorrect on WoF isn't heartbreaking. What is, though, is guessing an answer that's so marginally close to the correct one it hurts. Case in point: This woman--a soldier --who answered "An unknown fact" when the board spelled "A known fact." And the salt in the wound? She was playing for $100,000. Can they just give her the money, please?

Deal or No Deal

This one takes the cake. We admire the brave souls on Deal or No Deal who take their cases to the very end. That takes guts, and it usually pays off. But for this man, it was quite the opposite. One case had $1, the other $1 million. Guess which one he stuck with? (Read the headline of this post, and you'll get the answer.) Your heart will seriously break in two at this one.