Kehlani Opens Up About Her Personal Growth and Reveals Her Stunning Tattoo Cover Up

"The only thing you know is that you know nothing. "

We've all made decisions because we were young and dumb at some point. If you're lucky, there's no evidence of your questionable choice except for some random picture on your myspace profile. That was not the case for Kehlani, who was reminded of her unwise decision because it took up the entirety of the back of her hand.


You probably noticed the tattoo of the word "woke" before you even noticed her face. Sis got the tat almost three years ago and has spent the past two hating it. But Kehlani is woke no more! After searching for an artist who could skillfully cover up the permanent reminder that "the only thing you’re ever really woke about is that no one is truly 'woke'", Kehlani got this beautiful lotus design.

She captioned the cover up:

"When I got the “woke” tattoo at 20 years old I thought I was the smartest cookie in the jar. I was so ready to declare my intelligence to the world, apparently to everyone ever cuz that shit is forever. A year and some change, I got the biggest reality check (& spirit plane/realm check) realizing and overstanding that the only thing you’re ever really woke about is that no one is truly “woke”. The only thing you know is that you know nothing. This is a lotus inside of a lotus, We imagined the “woke” not swallowed, but carefully wrapped by the double lotus kind of internalizing the constant manifestation of intelligence and awareness. Om Mani Padme Hum *insert non existent lotus emoji* thank you so much @dillonforte we got one more session but you killed this. Every tattoo artist I went to turned me away saying it couldn’t be covered and I spent the last 2.5 years walking into places with my hand in my pocket feeling like my hand would speak for me before I even got a chance to open my mouth. An incredible artist with a beautiful tattoo shop, and great conversation. Thank you so so so so much I’m so happy I could cry & cry & cry. S/o divine timing and order ??"

Girl talk about new year, new me.

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