Cold As Ice: The 10 Most Brutal Band Dismissals Ever

Matt Sorum

Syd Barrett

Michael Anthony

Dave Lombardo

Scott Weiland

Jim Hendrix

Ron Reyes

Andy Rourke

LeToya Luckett

Farrah Franklin

Dave Mustaine

Getting fired is always horrible, but it's especially bad when you're getting sacked from a rock band. We've already told you about bad boys who got the boot from their world famous groups, and dudes who were kicked out just when the band about to break big onto the world stage. But those horror stories pale in comparison to these brutal band dismissals!

Some had Post-It notes left on their car windshield, some were dropped at a bus station in the middle of nowhere, and others were dragged off of the stage mid-performance. And then there were the folks who were straight up never told anything, and found out the same way that we did: on the internet! Yes, rock 'n' roll is a harsh business, but some of these firings were pretty damn cold. Head up to the gallery above for some band bumps-offs that would have made Michael Coreleone proud!

[Photo: Getty Images]