It's 2016, and People Still Aren't Cool with Jaden Smith Wearing a Skirt

Louis Vuitton announced he is a face of its spring/summer 2016 womenswear collection.

Jaden Smith is easily the most badass teenager on Earth. Will Smith's son took his effortless cool to new heights this morning when Louis Vuitton revealed the 17-year-old is the new face of its spring/summer 2016 womenswear campaign. No, that's not a typo. You read that accurately. Womenswear. The legendary haute couture brand selected Jaden--who, as far as we know, identifies as male--to rep its women's collection this season.

How awesome is that? It's progressive, inclusive and exactly where fashion (and, hell, the world) needs to head. But not everyone is as down for it as we are. Yes, it's 2016, and people trolls still have an issue with Jaden modeling Louis Vuitton for women (and wearing women's clothing in general). Just take a look at this incredibly offensive headline from Bossip:

The content of the article is just as annoying, with bigoted lines like, "But what exactly are you expressing when you don women’s clothing?" SMH. Unfortunately, this Bossip writer isn't the only person sipping haterade. Check out these cringe-worthy tweets:

These are just three of many hateful messages on the Web. Really, y'all? You'd think with all the transgender progress we made in 2015, this wouldn't be an issue. Folks still can't wrap their minds around the fact gender roles are socially constructed--no one really has to follow them. Binary gender is slowly becoming archaic--cheers to that--giving people the opportunity to express their fluidity sans judgment. Jaden is blazing the trail--in a bomb-ass skirt, no less--and he should be applauded. Not scolded.

But the issue is even simpler than that. Why are we criticizing the way someone presents himself period ? We say to each his/her own--if it doesn't affect you, why do you give a s--t? Jaden isn't hurting anyone with this. In fact, he's doing the opposite.

In short, he can wear a dress. You can wear a dress. I can wear a dress. And everyone can STFU about it.