Don Embraces Cobra After She Reveals Her Struggles with Depression

"I'm just letting you know you can vent to me about what the f--k ever. I'd rather that than not hearing your voice."

We need more men like Don in the world.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Don's personal life is getting the best of him. For years he has been dealing with his younger sister's depression and mental illness. The decision for his sister to come home is weighing tough because the mood swings are so intense, his sister is practically unrecognizable. Cobra can completely relate as someone who also suffers from depression. Being trapped in that mind state, Cobra has a difficult time appreciating friendships or believing people genuinely care about her. She's been suicidal and has found herself crying tears of a clown just to get through the day but little do the people around her know just how much she is going through.

Don had no idea Cobra has been carrying around this darkness and assures her that anytime she needs to vent or talk, he is there to listen. Ryan is also there as he admits he also had no clue. No matter what Cobra is going through, she will always have a confidant in Don.

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