First Dibs: Did Lily Allen Turn Down A Cameo On A Hit TV Series?

Are we about to hear a duet from Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber? Twin Forks takes us back to a simpler time, and Timbaland has high hopes for his next album.

  • Game Of Thrones might be used to storylines involving incest, but it's best not to pair up actors who are actually related. Lily Allen says she was asked to do a cameo on the HBO series, in a sex-tinged scene with her real-life brother. Yeah, we would've declined too, but Lily is still "open" to doing some sort of musical performance on the show. [Billboard]
  • Twin Forks performed its song, "Back To You," on Big Morning Buzz Live, but the sound actually makes us long for a world with a slower pace. Check out the set in the clip below!
  • [mtvn_player id="1727394" vid="1041008" autoplay="true"]

  • We've already heard what Michael Jackson can do with Justin Timberlake, and soon, we could hear what Justin Bieber sounds like alongside the late King Of Pop. Music mogul L.A. Reid is trying to get the Biebs to lay down some vocals over one of Michael's lost tracks, and we're just excited to get the final result! [NME]
  • Timbaland keeps lending his brilliance to artists all over the music industry, but he's gearing up for his next LP. He's even likened it to Dr. Dre's classic, The Chronic. [MTV News]
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