Jeana Has Taken It From Next Level Fierce to Next Level WTF in This 'America's Next Top Model' Highlight

We're living for this drama, though.

Now this is the kind of vintage America's Next Top Model behavior we've been waiting for. This week, the models were tasked with putting their modeling skills into motion with a video vixen shoot shot by Director X. When it came turn for Khrystyana and Shanice to hit the set, one of their fellow competitors went from next level fierce to next level...WTF?

First, after Khrystyana breaks her (very high) heel, Jeana smirks at her like:

gina stare

It's sort of terrifying, but I'm also living for it.

Then, she jumps in while Shanice and Khrystyana are shooting their scene and starts literally pushing them around.


Shanice and Khrystyana handle it like pros, but still...pushing isn't cool!

At the end of the day, Khrystyana finally asks what is going on with Jeana and she sits there like...


Again, sort of terrifying.

Her behavior has Khrystyana, one of the sweetest women in the competition, crying and wondering what went wrong. She says, "I thought that everyone has good intentions."


#JusticeForKhrystyana (#AndHerBrokenHeels)!

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