Black Ink Crew NY Has A Whole Lot To Say About Black Ink Crew Chicago

"Black Ink Crew Chicago? They not us, and we not them."

When two shows carry the same name, but have different casts, there will always be unspoken friendly rivalry among all involved as to which show is the most entertaining. However, now that premiere of Black Ink Chicago season two is just around the corner, Black Ink Crew New Yorkers aren't biting their tongues and are saying how they truly feel.

"At first I ain't going to lie, I was hating like you know what the f*ck," Sky says candidly about the return of Black Ink Crew Chicago, that judging by the wild supertrailer, proves to be an explosive season. She continued, "Now, I'm just happy all of us is out here getting some money."

Hear what else Cease, O'Sh*t, Sky, and Donna had to say about their Chi-town comrades, and catch the premiere episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago Monday 10/3 at 9pm.