Sway Calloway Recaps the Most Memorable Moments From 'Behind The Breaks'

That time The Lox got super candid about a problem in today's hip hop.

By Jasmine Washington

Whoo! Season one of The Breaks was one to remember. Barry Fouray made the rocky transition from manager to record label founder. David's tragic death left us all in our feelings. Ahm's battle with living the street or pursuing a rap career full time was a roller coaster journey. And of course the rise of our darling Nikki Jones from intern to one of the most influential young hip hop A&Rs in the game.

While the 1990s based series kept viewers tuned in on the small screen, Behind The Breaks host Sway Calloway caught up with a slew of notables within the hip hop game in this dope web series.

Sway wrapped up the final installation of Behind The Breaks with a recap of his most memorable moments throughout the season. Conversations with acclaimed journalists revealed shocking instances where an article caused real life struggles for its writer, just like The Breaks character Damita. Chats with veteran DJs shared David and DeeVee's struggle in bringing hip hop music to mainstream radio. Gems dropped by prominent rappers echoed Ahm's challenge of deciding whether or not to go legit.

This season of Behind The Breaks proved just how real it was in hip hop before it became the powerhouse that it is today.

Check out the rest of the interview above!