Safaree's Shocked By A1's Liposuction And Reveals The Only Plastic Surgery He Personally Needs Is a Penis Reduction

"I gotta commend him. I respect him to the utmost."

This year's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion was many things, but when Lyrica G blurted out that A1 shouldn't have come for her because A1 had liposuction himself, everyone's jaws dropped to the floor.

After A1 owned up to it, and admitted that yes, in fact, he had been under the knife in order to prepare for his TV debut and support his wife, his fellow castmate Safaree wasn't buying the whole story.

"Him admitting he had lipo just to support his wife to make her feel comfortable, even though that was an excuse, and the n**** just wanted to do it. It's commendable," Safaree jokes.

Find out what tips Safaree had for Al and others planning on getting elective surgery, and which plastic surgery procedure he would get himself. Cough.