Thought Juju Looked Glamorous at the 'Love & Hip Hop' Reunion? Find Out How You Can Get Her Look Now

You may want to take some notes.

Loved Juju's reunion look? Well, today is your lucky day because Juju and her makeup artist are sharing all of the secrets to snatching her glam in this Love & Hip Hop web exclusive.

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The Love & Hip Hop rookie's makeup artist, Jamal Scott, walks us through the steps he took to create such a glamorous look for Juju's very first reunion. Watch step-by-step as Jamal offers makeup hacks to enhance your look. For this MUA, working on the eyes first is essential. After the shadow and liner is applied, getting the perfect lash is easier than you think. Groom your own lashes first using a brow spool then apply glue and wait until it's tacky, that way it will easily latch on without leaving annoying residual glue on your face.

For Juju, multiple foundations is necessary in achieving the perfect base but everyone is different (one could suffice). After the liquid foundation is applied, a pressed powder is key in setting the makeup.

Jamal shares the exact spot one must apply bronzer to in order to achieve that radiant glow. After you're finished shining, the perfect lip is needed to lock in that look. Obviously, you could use your preferred brand and shades but following Jamal's instructions will leave you ravishingly "Juju-fied".

For what it's worth, Juju looks just as beautiful without makeup, if not more, ijs.

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Don't be too sad this season of New York is a wrap. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premieres next Monday at 8/7c!