Evelyn Slams the Door On Jennifer's Pity Party in This 'Basketball Wives' Clip

Looks like the door is closed on this friendship.

Jackie Christie invited everyone to a crystal party, hoping to cleanse the group of any bad vibes, but the party went real South, real quick when Jackie asked Jennifer to speak on the beef she has with the other women. Jennifer seems unable to see her fault in any of it, saying that she has been angry and frustrated following the death of her mother, and that she has lashed out as a result.

For the other women, that is no excuse. Sure, it is incredibly sad that Jennifer lost her mother, but is that grounds for starting rumors about Evelyn's daughter and Shaunie's ex? Evelyn in particular is absolutely not having it.


And even slams the door as she leaves. You could say that she's closing the door on their friendship. We love a metaphor!

close door

But seeing Jennifer on the floor upset, Shaunie realizes that part of her still cares just a little bit.


It seems like all is lost when it comes to Evelyn and Jennifer, but is there hope for her and Shaunie? Tune in to Basketball Wives on Wednesdays at 8/7c!