STOP/WATCH: Nate Ruess Belongs in 'Pitch Perfect' With His A-Ca-Awesome Cover Of "Nothing Without Love"

Prepare to get pitch slapped by the fun. frontman and a barbershop quartet.

[mtvn_player vid="1195105" id="1735771" autoplay="true"]

Nate Ruess launched his May You Oughta Know campaign with 60 seconds of pure pop bliss. The fun. lead singer is stepping out on his own (well, with a little help from a barber shop quartet) on his new single "Nothing Without Love," which he managed to perform in 60 seconds. And he even got a free shave out of the deal!

The gorgeous a cappella arrangement stands alongside the performances in Pitch Perfect in terms of sheer beauty. Will Nate have a special appearance in the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2? Ehh, probably not. But we can dream!

Be sure to check out our rapid fire interview with Nate, where we find out his favorite movie, favorite "Van" ("Morrison" or "Halen"), favorite Beatle, and the first album he ever bought.