Drunk Celebrity Moments to Make You Feel Better About Your Own Bad Behavior

I've been drinking, I've been drinking.

Memorial Day is tomorrow, and that means *~SuMmEr 2015~* is officially here. We won't hold it against you if you take one too many shots come Monday and drunk text your ex. (I miiiiiiiiiiis you!) In fact, you'd be in fine company if you did. These eight celebrities are guilty of tossing more than a few back at big celebrations. Or, you know, a Friday night.

Check out their well-captured shenanigans, if anything, to feel better about your future bad decisions. (i.e.: Mixing rum and vodka.)

Johnny Depp slurs his words at the Hollywood Film Awards, 2014 reported Depp was drunk presenting an award to Shep Gordon, and we have to agree. In between the stammering, swearing, and stumbling, we're surprised he was able to find his way off the stage without face-planting. It's hilarious, and only a little bit tragic.

Britney Spears philosophizes her existence, mid-2000s

In a makeshift video filmed by then-beau Kevin Federline, Spears appeared under the influence of something strong as she went on mumbled rants about being ugly, her jaw hurting, seeing an unnamed movie, and "missing out" on life. (So sad!) BritBrit's jerky body movements and glassy expression all but confirm she was at least buzzed. So don't fret, y'all. Even the princess of pop has drunken heart-to-hearts.

Jennifer Lawrence takes a shot before the Oscars press room, 2012

Don't worry if you need some liquid encouragement at a family BBQ this weekend. JLaw needed it at the damn Academy Awards. Fresh off winning Best Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, the always-irreverent Lawrence took questions at the Oscars press room. However, after answering one question a little too literally, the Hunger Games star admitted, "I'm sorry. I did a shot before I [came out here]. Sorry...Jesus." Literal queen.

Diddy gets sentimental with Alex Ebert, 2014

At the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, Diddy presented Ebert with the Best Original Score Award for his work in All is Lost. As Ebert went to grab his prize, Diddy slapped on a goofy grin and asked, "Do you remember me?" He then proceeded to tell the entire crowd a random story about Ebert and he partying on a boat in St. Barts. Diddy's cheeky disposition leads us to think he had a few before hitting the stage that night.

Melisa McCarthy chugs Grey Goose from the bottle, 2012

We all play drinking games, even the cast of Bridesmaids. In fact, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and McCarthy taught the Screen Actors Guild Awards audience a game where they needed to take a drink every time they heard the word "Scorsese" that evening. It ended with McCarthy taking several swigs of vodka from the bottle. And from her wincing, it looked like it burned.

Mariah Carey is "a little" at the Palm Springs Film Festival, 2010

While accepting the Breakthrough Actress Award for her role in Precious, Mimi appeared a tad bit intoxicated. She then confirmed this — after losing her train of thought — by saying, "Forgive me because I'm a little" The rest of Carey's speech was boozy, nonsensical, and 100 percent iconic.

Renée Zellweger forgets her cue, 2013

Poor Bridget Jones. While presenting an award with her Chicago castmates, Zellweger gave off a distinct, "Can't let the world know I'm drunk" vibe. She exposed her poker face when Richard Gere handed the envelope to Zellweger, but she just swayed and looked confused. Thankfully, Queen Latifah swooped in and saved the day.

And this photo of Avril Lavigne.

No flaws detected.

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