We Have The Pix To Prove That Margeaux & Her New Boo Are The Real Deal

Margeaux found her other half and we couldn't be happier!

In the season four finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Margeaux shocked her ex-husband Nikko and the world when she revealed that her new boo is a woman. The singer told Nikko that she'd been with on-again, off-again girlfriend Merika for nearly a year but what else do we know about the lady in Margeaux's life?

We only caught a quick glimpse of the newly announced couple in the last moments of the season four finale but these two seem like the real deal.

They both know how to serve face, hunty

And they're in this fashion game together

Merika is a self described "androgynous model"

And proudly calls herself a Tomboy

And she and Margeaux seem crazy about each other, tbh

What do you think of the new twosome? Do you think Margeaux will come back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Merika next year?