Dynamic Duo Ahm and DeeVee Perform an Epic Duet on 'The Breaks' Season Finale

Looks like Ahm is one step closer off the streets, and DeeVee is one step closer to his dreams.

After a handful of heart-stopping moments on The Breaks, last night was all about one major show-stopping one!

Last night was the series finale of season one of The Breaks and boy oh boy, fans were on the edge. After Nikki approached DeeVee with the opportunity to sign with her and Mattie Taylor at EBJ Records, things go all the way left as DeeVee not only turns down the offer, but also decides to end his friendship of four years with Nik, after deciding she was "all business" and no loyalty.

In a final twist of shocking moments, Ahm and DeeVee also sign with Nikki's former-employer, Barry Fouray. At a showcase, the dynamic duo take over the stage and the performance ends up being one for the hip hop books!

Check out the clip above.