Check Yourself: Marcus Defends Teairra's Boyfriend Akbar by Claiming That He Doesn't Have Side Chicks, He Has Agreements

"This [dude] Akbar cold!

Akbar swears he's a regular Hugh Hefner.

One of Akbar's girlfriends is riding for her man and the rest of the cast finds it hilarious. In this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Paris' sneaky interrogation of one of Teairra's boyfriends side-pieces has Solo Lucci thinking that even Miss Nikki Baby is hatin' on the amount of women Akbar has in his life. Roccstar's main question is "Who is that chick? Because she's totally cool with her dude having a whole other bunch of b---s...Does she have a sister" that he can talk to? According to Marcus, there is no reason to be mad at the "operation." His advice is that "you gotta put your own operation together," because in his eyes, those ladies aren't "side chicks," they have agreements. That situation may be cool for Teairra but if Brooke is going to do this whole "concubine, harem" thing, she has to be number one--point, blank, periodt.

Meanwhile, Solo is thoroughly impressed by how Roccstar tried to bag Amber Diamond, but ended up securing one instead--a $20,000 bag. It even has Marcus a bit parched for some cash. It is a lot of guwap and Brooke feels a whole lot will come with that money and it ain't just the EP.

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