Bonus Clip: K.Michelle Would Like To Genetically Modify The Twin Girls She Has Not Yet Conceived

“That’s racist. That’s a lot.”

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]K.Michelle starts shopping for her two twin girls in this K.Michelle: My Life bonus clip, and she's not even pregnant yet.

So, how does she know she's gonna have two girls then? She and Dr. Kaston want to get science involved in order to have healthy, disease-free twin girls named Rainbow and Risa. She's also down to genetically modify their personalities so she doesn't have to deal with any wild girls, explaining to Jonathan that you can change almost anything about a kid these days. He's kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing, and thinks changing things like skin color is problematic, but of course supports K. in whatever baby decisions she makes.

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