'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta''s Keely The Boss Explains What Makes a Boss and Why She Is One

“You bet on me, you gon' win every time.”

If you've never heard of Keely the Boss, don't underestimate her and her accomplishments. Music is so ingrained in her life that it only makes sense that she would join Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season seven.

Keely was born and raised in Detroit, and Motown's musical influence on her has been apparent since day one. She was once neighbors with Berry Gordy, and Michael Jackson's Bad Tour was her first concert at the age of three, so her love of music run deeps. Keely is what you get when you mix music, a socialite lifestyle and a business mentality. She's a music executive who wasn't handed success, but had to work for it. She knows how to gamble and take risks and she's ready to do that on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She doesn't know why people are intimidated by her but one thing she does know is that "saying you're a boss isn't a financial thing, it's a mentality, it's how you live your life... respect it."

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