Is Tyson Beckford Pissed that 'Chocolate City' Keeps Getting Compared to 'Magic Mike'?

He and Channing are tight though.

Chocolate City, deemed as the "black Magic Mike," is the latest male stripper movie guaranteed to make the ladies lose their minds and clothing. Chocolate's star Tyson Beckford speaks to the comparisons between the film and Magic Mike. Is he over it or nah?

"[Channing] didn't give me any advice, but he was just very supportive," he tells Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz Live. "I tell people [to] go see both movies. Support it. We're all actors, we just want to support the craft."

See that? One big chiseled, sexy, sweaty, thrusting family. Which is great, because this just means more hot guys to go around.

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Chocolate City is set to release May 22 in theaters and on iTunes, so you have a few months to cool down before Magic comes to theaters July 1. Watch Tyson reveal his regimen for getting his abs and body so perfectly sculpted.