Drew Elliott Sits Down With the Runner-Up of 'America's Next Top Model' for (Another) Exit Interview

*Takes off sunglasses because there's more than enough shade here.*

We bet Drew Elliott wasn't expecting to sit down for another exit interview with this America's Next Top Model Contestant! The last time Drew interviewed this model, he threw enough shade to fill an entire forest, and this interview isn't much different.

After being eliminated, Jeana Turner posed and strutted her way back into the competition, making a comeback to end all comebacks and landing herself in the final two. She tells Drew, "Coming back is probably the sweetest revenge you can get on a group of girls. I've had it ripped away from me once, I'm not going to let it happen again." Jeana compares her comeback to that of a lioness:


To which Drew was like...


*Takes off sunglasses because there's more than enough shade here.*

Then, Drew talks about a criticism that Jeana received often, which was that she was "overly sexualized and sexual" in her shoots. Jeana explains that she didn't want that image, but "that's kind of what the industry had set" for her. Especially because she is shorter than most models, she says that the tendency is for people to want to "slap [her] in a swimsuit and some lingerie." She points to her decision to pose for Playboy as a factor: "It alters people's perception of what you're capable of. It kind of almost gets people to look at you in one way."

But Drew isn't so sure about that.


As you may recall. Drew's not a huge fan of excuses, so he's quick to correct Jeana."So the industry didn't give that you. That's a choice that, maybe, an opportunity that came to you and that you chose."

Jeana says that she definitely made the choice to do Playboy but didn't expect to be pigeonholed. She blames her inability to move away from her sex appeal on finding a wig: "It allowed me to cover things up and make it look so glamorous and people to not ask questions...It was a devil and an angel all in one."

And Drew hits back with the classic...

I guess

Drew is officially in the running to become America's Next Top Shade Thrower.

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