Last Lap: Is David Letterman Stepping Out Of The Spotlight?

Just how important does Juan Pablo Galavis think he is? Cameron Diaz may be too hot for her own good, and fans find out about a lost scene from How I Met Your Mother's final episode.

  • Well, folks, it could be the end of an era. With Jay Leno having recently passed his late-night torch to Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman is now reportedly stepping down from his own talk show. The host is apparently leaving in 2015. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • The Bachelor's Juan Pablo has gotten a lot of flack, but now he's taking his self-importance to the next level. The Gossip Table crew tells us his latest move.
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  • We know that film co-stars sometimes grow close while on the set, but Leslie Mann is taking her bond with Cameron Diaz to a new level. During a premiere for their flick, The Other Woman, Leslie took a decent-sized grab at Cameron's butt. Well, there's no denying they have a firm friendship! [PopSugar]
  • If you're still managing your emotions after How I Met Your Mother's series finale, a scene left out of that final episode will make you want one last shot with the show's characters. And yes, it involves Robin Sparkles. [MTV News]
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