Watch Luke Skyywalker Take on the Supreme Court in VH1's 'The Complete History of Rap'

See the groundbreaking case like never before.

Luke Skyywalker (A.K.A. Luther Campbell)'s Supreme Court case is legendary in the rap world. To refresh your memory, in 1989 2 Live Crew recorded the song "Pretty Woman" that parodied Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman," which set parent groups ablaze. Orbison's music company Acuff-Rose Music felt enough heat to sue Campbell in 1993, but the bigwigs lost. Campbell won the case in 1994 and established a very important precedent in media law: Parody, in all forms, is protected under the First Amendment. In other words, Saturday Night Live and every meme you share on social media wouldn't exist without Campbell. (Imagine a world without memes! Scary, right?)

Yes, you know the story, but you've never seen it like this. In the first installment of VH1's The Complete History of Rap, we brought Campbell's inspiring story to animated life. Thanks to some amazing illustrators, you can now see exactly what went down--giant bald eagle and all. This thrilling video will kick off our four-part series "Four Pillars of Hip Hop." We'll spotlight the "Evolution of Hip Hop Dance," explore the rise of female DJs in the "Leaders of the New Sound," and capture the creation of a stunning mural painted by graffiti legend Claw Money in "All Hail the Queens."