Meet the Unsung Hero of 'SIGNED' and the Reason Rick Ross is So Relaxed: Peaches the Masseuse!

You probably recognize her hands.

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In case you haven't been paying attention, there has been one person this entire season of SIGNED who is and will always be number one in Rick Ross' book. No, it's not the Haitian Mufasa, it's not even Just Brittany. It's Peaches, the masseuse whose hands you've been seeing in nearly every scene involving the moguls this season.

And now she is finally getting the recognition that she deserves.

It was love at first massage for the MMG mogul, but Peaches is much more than just a masseuse. Her services are necessary "for [Ross] to absorb the music, for [Ross] to really be comfortable and not be in a rush." Ross admits that "she keeps [his] stress level low," and we know that a happy Ross means happy artists (hopefully).

So shout out to our girl, Peaches. You the real MVP.

During CozyWithTheCurls' performance, the moguls are impressed with his stage presence and fan involvement.