Nicole Scherzinger Has a Better Selfie Game than Kim Kardashian


Did you forget about Nicole Scherzinger? You did, didn't you? Well shame on you. You've been so preoccupied tracking Kim Kardashian's every move, you haven't even realized Nicole is a Selfie Queen in the making. Sure, Kim's 37.2 million followers trump Nicole's 1.7 million, but in this case, the numbers aren't doing the talking. Nicole's pics are underrated and pure gold. Kim may have met her Instagram match, and there's nothing she can post that NS can't post better.

Pics with bae

Here's Kimye. Why so serious?

And Nicole in a badass pic with her ex Lewis Hamilton.

Accessories on fleek

Kim's waist trainer, obviously.

Which is overruled by Nicole's gangster hat.

The Sam Smith pic

Two can play that game, Kim.

The no-makeup selfie

Bye Felicia >>>>>>

The bouji boat pic

Ibiza and that pose conquer all.

Going face paint chic

Kim's is hardcore but Nicole's is purrfect. Sorry, it had to be said.

Bathing suit chillin'

Hint: One of these two is doing the most.

Pulling our heartstrings with an adorable child

Nicole doesn't even have kids but still gets us with these pics. A+

The truths of getting glam

Silly face and crazy hair FTW.


Kim takes helicopters but Nicole isn't above the subway. Yas.

Classic Eiffel Tower shot

Nicole doesn't need her squad to serve up the French slay.

Tropical chillaxin'

Count on Nicole to bring it down to Earth.

Cool city views

A helicopter view of Dubai is great and all but it's a little much. #NormalPeopleProbs amiright?

Riding dirty

Nicole's glow has us in LUHV.

The inevitable butt pic

Kim, once you start twerking in public we'll talk.

Beach activity

Who would you rather hang with? Literally ;) ;)

Product placement

Nicole don't need her man's product for the 'gram.

Feeling... not yourself

Feeling bad for sick Nicole and outright scared of spray-tanned Kim.

So, do you really think Kim's Insta game is better?