This Week On 'Mad Men': Don Watches A Ginger-Headed Ape While The World Burns

This week on Mad Men, we got to see the cast deal with the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. It was very historic and emotionally-charged. But look on the bright side! Betty came back —FINALLY— and was just as ornery as always. Don got to see his kids and Peggy had apartment/baby talk with her BF!! Sit back and relax because here are the Top 10 moments from Mad Men the Summer of Love couldn’t even see coming.

Here we go!

10. Peggy and her BF try to get a new apartment (which ends up falling through) – then they have a “where do we want to live/raise kids” talk.

8. After everyone finds out about the MLK assassination, we get to see what it was really like not having cellphones…..YIKES…


5. Young, 1968 Paul Newman shows up and makes a speech at an awards ceremony. We can barely see him, but don’t worry Mad Men fans — you’ll see plenty of him in years to come.

4. Megan and Peggy have a FLOWER-DRESS-OFF.

3. Don takes his son to the movies to see Planet of the Apes. They like it so much; they see it twice in a row!

2. After Pete gets some tough love over the phone from his wife, he is left to be at his Manhattan apartment; ordering Chinese food ... ALONE.

1. Don has an existential breakdown after spending a day with his son and finding out the Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated...then recites a poetic soliloquy/monologue to Megan.

See you next week!