Hold TF Up, Did Yandy Just Admit to Having a BF While Dating Mendeecees?

"So...this is how it really went."

When Yandy and Mendeecees Harris first met, sparks were flying...even though Yandy wasn't at all single.

In this hilarious web exclusive, the Love & Hip Hop couple describe how they met in 2006 by way of an artist Yandy was managing at the time. Mendeecees flew out with said artist on a trip Yandy arranged and was pleasantly surprised to learn that his boy's manager was actually a woman. And a fine one at that! The timing on Yandy and Mendeecees's newfound love affair was a little inconvenient though, since Yandy already had a man at home. Their chemistry turned out to be so irresistible on this trip, Yandy couldn't help but kick her then-boyfriend to the curb shortly after getting back to New York City. Call it messy all you want - but you simply can't help when and how you fall in love!

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