My Fair Lady: When Music's Baddest Babes Go Glam!

Courtney Love

Karen O

Demi Lovato

Cher Lloyd

Jessie J

Rita Ora


Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Avril Lavigne

Gwen Stefani


Iggy Azalea


Christina Aguilera

Nicki Minaj

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga



Music's baddest babes are known for their risque, controversy causing outfits. From Rihanna's clothes that are so threadbare they're barely clothes to Miley Cyrus' high cut leotards that threaten to betray the cooch, pop's hottest young women are often less covered than not.

Not that we're judging! Young women can do what they want with their bodies, and to be honest, if we had such rock hard abs or perfectly rounded butts, we'd be wearing everything cropped and skin tight, too.

We're also used to these babes behaving badly... Not always necessarily against the law, but in a way that causes quite the media spectacle. But from time to time, even pop's bad girls get the Eliza Doolittle treatment, dress up, and hold their shoulders back for a fancy event, or just because they can. They're chameleons — one minute drunk and wearing nothing but satin underwear, the next minute in lace and vintage finger rolls.

We like them both ways, and we hope that our favorite bad girls of pop can continue to get all gussied up at their leisure, because they can do whatever the frig they like. Click through our gallery to see what happens when unruly pop stars become demure pop princesses...

Check out what turns glam girl Rita Ora on in our latest edition of Lust or Bust:

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