Jim Jones Savagely Dragged a Fan For Saying He's Never Going to Marry Chrissy Lampkin

Not Sloth, Jimmy!

Yes, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones are still kicking it but some trolls feel a way about them not yet being married. When Chrissy posted a picture of her and her man yesterday, some commenter hater had to use that opportunity to, once again, remind Chrissy she's not yet married to the rapper. We're pretty sure she knows, guys.

The aforementioned hater wrote, "Hope he makes you his wife one day!! Or it's a waste of time holding onto a dead end n----a. [He's] gonna cheat with or without a ring. I'm just saying." Well, guess who saw this? Nope, not Chrissy but Jimmy. And Jimmy doesn't really play nice when it comes to the clapback.

Jimmy J wrote, no, etched into the comments with a knife, "B---h, you look like hom[i]e from the Goonies. Please go to [a] doctor and have them give you a face transplant. Lol. Ugly b---h."

Not the Sloth card, Jim! This is "homie from The Goonies," p.s.

You wrong for that, Jim.

Well, the truth is Jim and Chrissy are still together, are still engaged, and ICYMI, are actually headed over to we TV for a new show called Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never so, like, I guess we'll see if they do or don't and the trolls can either celebrate that they were right or they can eat crow.