First Dibs: Is Justin Bieber In Trouble With The Law ... Again?

Did Lil' Kim expect fans to buy her baby shower gifts? Neon Hitch turns it up on Big Morning Buzz Live, and police drop a case involving Jay Z.

  • Justin Bieber really needs to get it together. The pop prince is being investigated following an incident where he allegedly tried to confiscate a fan's phone. The woman was snapping pics of the Biebs at a miniature golf course, and it sounds like he wasn't having it. [Vibe]
  • Neon Hitch added some spice to our morning by performing her track, "Warner Blvd." Check it out below!
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  • According to a report, Lil' Kim tweeted her baby registry out to fans, hoping they'd pony up cash for the expensive gifts. It's a shame, but we can't afford baby gifts from Tiffany & Co., even if they are for the Queen Bee. [Radar Online]
  • Jay Z and his associates have apparently asked the cops to stand down in an extortion investigation. Master recordings were recently reported stolen, but it appears Jay is going to settle things without having the authorities involved. [MTV News]
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