Moniece's Allegation That La'Britney Slept With A1 Turns Into a Kutty Kat Fight With JayWill

"Please heal all loose boxes, starting with La'Britney's, the loosest of them all."

That escalated quickly.

JayWill was not feeling being compared to La'Britney and he has no issue with letting his homegirl know the disappointment that is brewing in his soul. In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight, while talking to La'Britney about their PRIDE auditions, JayWill starts to sound a little "bitter." La'Britney is offended when Jay says, "do not compare where you don't compete," opening the floodgates of some major shadiness. "If [Britney] was a real friend," she wouldn't even do the show according to JayWill and that's fine because she has "bigger s---t poppin';" ya girl will be in London.

Unimpressed by her "booked and busy" lifestyle, JayWill jabs La'Britney with Moniece's allegation that the newbie has been sleeping with a married A1. Let's just say, that was a trigger, because before you know it, the two are arguing about whose "p-ssy" is tighter, Moniece's or La'Britney's.

I can picture God listening to these prayers on his voicemail like, "So that'll be one schmedium reupholstered box. Got it." Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood , next Monday at 8/7c!