RompHims aka Rompers For Men Just Became a Thing and Nobody Asked For This

What in the one-piece is going on?

Thanks to the likes of Young Dro, Cam Newton and a few entrepreneurs on Kickstarter, the prospect of male rompers aka "romphims" becoming a thing just got oh so real.

The "romphim" (because a regular romper isn't suitable for those delicate manly feelings) is intended to be the male equivalent of a romper traditionally worn by women.

Young Dro is the latest brave fashion-forward man to join the romphim shenanigans after posting a picture of himself in this rather tropical one-piece. The "Shoulder Lean" rapper got clowned so mercilessly, he made his Instagram private to keep the haters out of his comments. I of you called him a Snapchat filter.

Let's not forget that NFL MVP Cam Newton, ever the fashion risk taker, created the blueprint for the romphim when he rocked this floral situation at Coachella. We'd ask who wore it better, but we just knew y'all would take it there.

Some are having a field day imagining men putting up with the struggles of wearing a romper - namely having to get damn near buck naked just to use the bathroom.

So, hold that men will be flexing and getting all the shine in their romphims this summer, does that mean they're going to be competing with the ladies? Some happen to think so...

Oh, and then there's a few who'd like to remind you that we're pretty much all late to the romphim train:

Fellas, what do you think? Are you trying to be romphim-fly this summer?

If you've never caught Young Dro's performance at Joseline's baby shower, feast your eyes on the Love & Hip Hop clip below: