Who's The "Rapper" Moniece Was Having Sex With In That Tape, and Just How "Known" Is He?

All you need is one good cosign, honestly, truly.

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Many of you scoffed last week when Jason Lee revealed to Moniece that he's in possession of a tape that features her having sex with a "known rapper." The "rapper" part was very believable but the "known" part was a little iffy. It turns out, he is a rapper, and he is quite known --- by many celebrities in fact. Who is this mystery man? His stage name is Money SL, but the streets simply know him as PJ from the boogie down Bronx.

He’s signed to Floyd Mayweather’s The Money Team label, which makes the connection to Moniece make sense seeing as how Ray J (you know, Raymond) rolled with those big dawgs for a lil' while a few years back. Although the timing of this tape is a very convenient and the explanation for Jason having said tape is sus AF, Money SL seems to be legit (according to his IG). Take a look:


Lil Kim



Killa Cam

DJ Clue




Hopefully he's legit enough for Moniece's lawyers. She doesn't seem to be playing with that man.