The Ultimate Exit Stage Left: The Most Over The Top Celebrity Funerals Ever












We know you are not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but these funerals are pushing it. We can understand having a crazy, funky wedding...but a funeral? COME ON!

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When people go to a funeral they expect to see three things: a hearse, a casket (or urn), and some flowers. But leave it to celebrities to make a funeral a spectator sport. These 11 famous folks decided that they didn't want to just fade into the sunset. Nope, they wanted to blast their way into the history books! With rockets, cannons, and airplanes, these celebrities wanted to take their homecoming in a totally over the top direction.

Gone are the days of the somber intimate memorials where loved ones and grieve and mourn their loss. Here are the days where bigger is better. From riots in the streets to horse-drawn carriages roaming city, these guys really know how to make an exit. So let's pour one out, light one up, and remember the times. What better way to show some love for these folks who lived big, and died even bigger. RIP to these VIPs!


The following three funerals are a must Google.

Willie "Wolf" McCoy Johnson

This Texas-born singer was the voice behind the Chili's baby back ribs jingle, "I Want My Baby Back." His level of fame is not the same as the others on the list, but his funeral will live on. Keeping with his barbecue fame from the commercial, McCoy was buried in a custom-built coffin shaped like a BBQ smoker. The pastor that presided over the funeral accessorized with a chef's hat. The pall-bearers wore chef's hats and aprons as well. There were also live pigs present to pay their respects.

Alexander Bernard Harris

Although he was not well-known like Suge Knight, Harris did pretty good for himself in the rap game. This Florida hip-hop mogul's last wish was to buried in his banana-yellow Lamborghini Murcielago. Although he was buried in an $18,000 glass coffin instead he still was able to take one last ride before he was buried. His body was placed behind the wheels of his Lambo for his memorial service. Talk about riding off into the sunset!

Mickey Easterling

Not wanting to be upstaged, this dearly departed wanted to leave this world in style. The 83-year-old New Orleans socialite chose to combine her wake with a "sophisticated" cocktail party. Of course, dressed in a pink feather boa with a cigarette in one hand and a champagne flute in the other, she was the life of the party! Sort of...More then a thousand mourners gathered to pay their respects and take a quick pic of the deceased lounging on a bench. Yep, instead of lying in a coffin, Mickey Easterling was seated in the midst of a lavish garden scene!

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